How we do it

We work with local councils, high schools, TAFEs, Uni’s and community groups to put together a promotions crew made up of student reps, youth and arts workers.



Fix artist and venue

The crew tell us who they’d like to see.

The crew nominates the venue and performance date/s.

ARC invites the Music Industry – and all the players we can find – to nominate availabilities and fees.

Book the gig

Together with the crew we decide which artists to book.

ARC will help with developing budgets, taking artists’ fees and expenses – production, promotion, security, etc – into consideration and developing ticket pricing.






ARC provides posters, fliers, ticketing and other promo.

ARC and the crew distribute promo and work with social media.

We bring the live show to town.

Everyone has a brilliant time. Yay!

ARC is a live music promoter.

We do not manage, nor act as an agent, for the artists featured.

All ARC performances are ‘general access’. We don’t promote shows in any venue where access is restricted, in any way, to any group of individuals. We welcome women, children, First Nations people, people with disabilities and people of all genders to attend, promote and perform ARC live music events.