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We, at Australian Rock Company Ltd (ARC), are delighted to present artists from across
Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, for your listening enjoyment.

ARC is predominantly, a live music promoter. We do not manage, or act as an agency, for the artists presented. We do not own their product. We are, just like you,  fans.

Our aim for this site is to share our passion for all things AusRock with you – and because we’re friendly neighbours we include New Zealand and Papusa New Guinea as well! The hope is that you will be inspired to bring these artists and their music into your part of the world.

The site is dynamic and ever changing and at the moment we have only scratched the surface of the wealth of talent available.

We we believe we’ve made a pretty good start:

515 Artists
375 Websites
382 Wikipedia Articles
216 Soundcloud Channels and Playlists

We’re always adding more though, so here’s how you can help!

If you are an original artist from Australia, New Zealand, or Papua New Guinea – we invite you to tell us your story.

Tell us about your sound – your home base – where people can find you and more. Here’s your chance to show us how good a storyteller you are (but don’t tell `stories’)

Soon – bands and artists will be able to upload their own music, links, film clips, touring dates, merchandise for sale and more.

Show the world how great you are.

We invite you to enjoy the music, generously shared on Soundcloud.

Visit artist websites.

Learn more about the artists via their Wiki Links.

There’s hours of entertainment, for all the family – and don’t forget to have fun!

It’s free. It’s fun!
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