Welcome to the Home of Australian Rock Company Ltd (ARC)

Established in 1984, ARC is a not-for-profit cultural organisation, established to promote
general access performances, by original Australian artists,
in isolated, under-catered and financially uncertain areas.

This site has been set up to encourage communication between bands, young fans and local promoters, to assist in fulfilling this aim.

Live @ Lunch School Program

Live performance and workshops for your local school

ARC is pleased to assist schools, and local promoters, stage performances, in lunch-hour, with local and touring artists.

Performances can be coupled with workshops,
wherever there is an interest.

This offers a great opportunity for young people to gain hands on experience in all aspects of setting up and staging a live event

The Stand Fundraising Initiative

School & Community Fundraising Initiative

ARC is collecting CDs, Merchandise, Posters, Artwork, DVDs and all things related to original Australian music, art and culture, for sale, by schools and community groups, on consignment.

Schools and community groups will be able to fundraise with this project, by retaining a share of revenue generated. The Stand will allow students, and the community, to become familiar with a wide range of Australian youth culture, artwork, music and memorabilia.

It aims to be fun, make money for all concerned, and to create a strong, self-sustaining, interface between the Australian Music Industry, in general, and young fans, around the country.